Thursday, 22 March 2012

So after having a chat with Matt today about how many bloggers there are out there, and listening to some ice T, I thought I'd start a new craze.

Extreme blogging.

Pretty radical,eh!

Slight problem though, as you will see from the pictures.

So what on earth is extreme blogging then?

Discovered in Shottle around spring 2012, in involves cooking a dish, photographing and writing about it at the same time.

Oh yes, and drinking white wine.

And playing with a mad cat.

So all I've done is joint a chicken, roasted some red peppers, caramelised some onion wedges and potatoes, deglazed with white wine, added some thyme and braised it on top of the stove for twenty minutes.

Although its important not to put too many pieces of chicken in the pan at the same time as they will not brown quickly and may just start to stew in their own juices, and that's a bit rubbish.

I've also added the bones, chopped as well, so I don't have to do any more washing up, and it makes it's own sauce as well.

All I did then is strain off the cooking juices and reduced them.

On the right you can clearly see the red peppers that I pan roasted and peeled.

Now a lot of cook books tell you to rinse off the charred skins under running water, but would you wash off a slightly charred piece of toast, no, thought not.

All you do is wash away all their flavour!

Some thick wedges of onion will impart a nice sweetness as well.

So, there you are.

Extreme blogging.

Remember where you heard it first!

And here it is, the finished dish.

All done in real time!

So, there you are my little blogonauts the first ever extreme blog.

And eaten in real time too!

Right that's it!

New tasting menu at East Lodge tomorrow, so I'm pretty sure there will be no extreme blogging there.

And I'll tell you all about my new bongos then.

Can't wait!

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