Thursday, 29 March 2012

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It takes a lot of work to come up with an award winning breakfast!

And how it can be a bit of a complicated serve!

But it is easy though, and as long as you bag some top quality bangers, bacon and eggs you're half way there.

Enough has already been said about the Great British Breakfast, but it is delicious.

And as I love it so much, I wanted to start off the new spring tasting menu at East Lodge with a good healthy fry up.

Well, sort of.

As a good breakfast should be the start of the day I figured I could start the tasting menu with the same sort of flavours.

So, we have bacon, ham, black pudding, fried bread and eggs.

It took quite a while but it all ended up looking a  bit round, and I also wanted to see if I could get the black and gold colours of East Lodge on the menu, and I have!

So here it is.

East Lodge Breakfast 2012 Bradley Style.

Quite simple really.

All we do is slowly poach some ham hocks with onions, carrots and herbs.
When the bone can be easily removed we know they are ready.
It's important to let the hocks cool down in their liquor, as this will keep them moist.
The meat is then removed from the bones, and half is shredded and the other half minced.
We reduce a small amount of the reserved poaching stock and melt some duck fat, and mix with the cooled meat.
What, you didn't really think I would do a fat free fry up did you?
It's seasoned and rolled into balls, ready for the next stage.
The rest of the ham stock is strained and infused with grated black pudding overnight.
It's then clarified, using egg whites, protein and vegetables.
I did try the ice filtration method but the yield was pretty pathetic, so I gave up on that one.
Strained again, we end up with a beautiful, black, shiny stock.
It's weighed and softened gelatine is added.
We place the chilled pork balls on a cooling rack and melt the black pudding jelly.

This is then ladled over the breakfast.

A lot of times.

So, thats the easy bit sorted.

It does, of course, have eggs, bacon and fried bread with it.

Remember it is, after all, a full English!

So, we cook East Lodge egg yolks in the water bath, then cool them down, and whisk them up.

I love this garnish, it tastes so eggy and rich.

White bread is grated and fried and mixed with crispy chopped smoked bacon, chives and grated pork crackling.

And that's it, breakfast, my way.

I'll tell you how a Sunday roast has also made it on to the tasting menu next time.

Right that's it.

I'm off to eat some pasties now, on the way to hang around a petrol forecourt.

And, tonight, due to overwhelming success, starting around 6pm, another extreme blog will take place!

It's going to be quackers!!

Oh, and just one picture, it's of our new white chocolate and rhubarb dessert.

I know it's a bit left footed, but it is quite pretty, eh Jake!

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