Friday, 11 November 2011

I was really excited,  when after spending far too much at Majestic wine, I popped into M and S, next door, just to get some witches toes.

It was halloween, by the way.

Anyway, I was soon distracted by their dine in
for a tenner offer.

I'm sure you all know the score, main course, side, pudding and a bottle of wine.

All for ten English pounds.

So, what do think, good eh!

Well I didn't. It was just all a bit average, and there wasn't enough either.

So yesterday I popped up to Highfield House Farm, and for a lot less money I got this little beauty.

So, feeling rather creative, I got home, raided my larder, and ended up making a meal that could have fed six people, easy!

The thing about getting a whole plump chicken is that you get all the other bits and bobs.

So, first thing, after opening a bottle of wine, was to joint the bird.
I took off the legs, skinned and boned them, and then marinated them in a mixture of rice wine, soy sauce and sesame oil. They will be stir fried, in beef dripping, at the last minute. Mixed with peanuts and greens, and with a corn flour thickened sauce,  made with garlic, ginger and red chili paste, it will be one of the five dishes I made out of one chicken.

The breasts were removed, but left on the bone, and poached with some ginger, spring onions and peppercorns. The broth will be served at the end of the banquet, as a palate cleanser.  One of the breasts will be taken off the bone, shredded and served with a cold rice noodle salad, cucumber and mange tout. Dressed with a spicy "bang bang" sauce, made with sesame and peanut paste, Jazzed up with spring onions, red chillies and black vinegar, it makes a nice light start to my celebration of chicken!

The other breast will be chopped up, still on the bone, and be eaten will steamed rice and a tangy salty dipping sauce.

So, I've still got a couple of wings , waiting to be cooked with something. As you can see, an aubergine is sliced, along with a couple of white onions. Stir fried together and with a spoonful of fermented black bean sauce and some garlic, it makes a nice rich satisfying side dish.

Ok, nearly there. I finally managed to get my hands on some tofu. Morrison's didn't have any, so Waitrose was the answer. It will be braised with dried shitake mushrooms and some sliced Chinese sausages.

Right, thats it.

One chicken, five dishes, no problem!

And plenty left over for when I get home from work tomorrow.

Oh, and there was a bit for Agness as well, so everyone was happy.

And, see it you can guess what I got with the money I saved.

Look good don't they! Fried up for my lunch, and with a fantastic loaf of sourdough, some butter and brown sauce, its all I need for my midday snack!

So, you see, we can all dine in for a tenner, it just takes a little bit of chopping, cooking and drinking.

French history lesson next time, so au revoir!  I'm off to tuck into some unpasteurized brie now, spread onto the crusts of that delicious bread.

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