Thursday, 6 October 2011

So, this ones going out to all my Loughborough home girls, and how its not their fault.

Its all about Sunday lunch you see, and how something as simple as a few eggs, milk and flour can ruin a whole day!

All you need to do is whisk them together, let the batter rest,  pop them into the oven, and hey presto, they are done!

Just like that!

Well, sort of. The thing is you see, no matter how hard you try, no matter how many different recipes you try, if they are coming out like thick, deflated, sad little Yorkshire puddings, then blame the oven!

As you can see, every Sunday at East Lodge I make lots of lovely, light, crispy Yorkies, and they are all perfection itself!

And so can the rest of the brigade, proving any idiot can do it, providing they have the right oven, so there! I know, as I've tried at home, using the same recipe, and its been a disaster, because of the oven.

So, if you want a perfect Sunday lunch, for all your family, and if your husband loves you, he will buy the family a nice new shiny oven, just for perfect Sunday lunches!

Oh, and I will, of course, accept any lunch invitations that come along my way!

As a thank you, for all this wise advice.

And just one more thing, why has Yorkshire claimed these for their own?

Similar to a French sweet pudding, I have heard that it used to be served as a pudding, with jam and cream. Sounds pretty good to me, but the way I love eating them, is red hot, dipped in all the delicious, salty, fatty beef juices, just before a busy Sunday lunch service!

So, anyway, Yorkshire have their pudding, up in Derbyshire we have our Bakewell pudding, and our soon to be world famous Rowsley pie, and the Italians have their carbonara.

Made for coal miners or charcoal workers, in America it became known as "coal miners spaghetti".

Which, is I think interesting, as we, over at East Lodge, have been fooling around with our own version of this, but using potato.

And as we first got our potatoes from America, I think we can somehow link all these dishes together, don't you!

And there used to be a few coal mines around here as well.

By using very fine ribbons of potato, blanching them, just like pasta, and rolling them in Parmesan oil, an egg yolk puree on top and a piece of crisp bacon, we can do a Derbyshire version of an Italian classic, which I think is pretty cool!

So, this then got me thinking about potatoes, which in turn got me thinking about Guinness, and then about oysters.
Actually, do I really think that much?
No wonder I've got a headache most of the time.

Anyway, so after all that , I've now got a new smoked salmon dish on the menu at East Lodge, and its pretty global, and I'll tell you about it next time.

And, yes, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you all about my new steak dishes, but I will, but in the meantime have a look at these little ducky delights!

Finally got some, and they will be part of an Autumn salad on our Sunday lunch menu, so if the sight of our amazing Yorkshire puddings doesn't get you all up the drive on a Sunday, then perhaps the sight of these will!

Sam tried one and said they were Otterly delicious and I'm pretty sure when Lisa comes round for dinner she will love them too!

Right, that's it, I'm off to France now.

Well sort of, pommes boulangeres for dinner tonight, but I'm going to put some very thin slices of smoked air dried ham in mine.

I think it will go well with my plump pork bangers!

See, there I go thinking again.

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